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Aisha Haadi Scam Blog and Fraud Spell Casters

Now, for those of you who aren’t aware of who Aisha Haadi is, Aisha Haadi Marat Elfajer is an Egypt-born witch who is currently residing in California. She operates considerably through the Internet right now and her blog website is considered to be a kind of mother source for all sorts of information about Egyptian witchcraft. She has improved thousands of lives through the spells she casts, which in recent times have been mostly through the Internet. She practices strictly in white magic, and black magic is something she totally detests. The same applies for all other kinds of tribal black magic such as voodoo, hoodoo, etc. that are giving the supernatural talents a bad name.

But then why is there so much being said about an Aisha Haadi scam? Is this woman a con artist? The truth is there cannot be another witch more genuine as her. Aisha Haadi is as skilful as witches can go, but there are various unscrupulous persons on the Internet who want to make a quick buck out of her name. It is due to these people—the people who falsely claim they have the spirit entity living inside them—that the genuine witches like Aisha Haadi have to suffer. And we can say, Aisha Haadi in particular has suffered a lot because of such philandering of her name.

Why Just Aisha Haadi?

Today, Aisha Haadi enjoys a large amount of popularity on the Internet. She is a popular search term on the Internet. In fact, when most people think about Egyptian witchcraft, they automatically begin thinking about Aisha Haadi and look for her right away. Her name has become almost synonymous with Egyptian witchcraft.

Her place is further consolidated by the large number of followers she has. After casting thousands of successful white magic spells, she has definitely turned the lives of thousands of lives for the better. These people keep themselves updated about her through her blog, due to which her popularity on the Internet increases.

Frauds and scammers feel that the best way to get a nice toehold in the world of the supernatural and make money is to latch on to a popular name. This happens in almost every other kind of business as well. In these domain, these fraudulent people find that there could be no name better than Aisha Haadi’s to latch on. And that is the reason there are so many blogs and websites that have her name, but she is in no way connected with them at all.

The Only Authentic Website of Aisha Haadi

Aisha Haadi runs just one website that’s truly hers. It can be said that she is not too Internet-savvy—it was because of the force of her two daughters that she came online—and that is why she doesn’t crowd the Internet too much. However, she keeps her regular website updated. It is available at http://www.egyptian-witchcraft.com/. One can also read her blog on http://www.aisha-haadi.com/. Reading her blog is a very good idea if you want to know her better and understand what her brand of magic is all about.

Beware of Frauds

The supernatural is a very delicate thing. Steps can backfire and have negative repercussions if something goes wrong. Aisha Haadi has a 40 year experience in spell casting. Make sure you steer clear of all frauds and cheats and visit her website only, if you want to experience some safe supernatural effects to turn your life in the right direction.


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  • No matter what the problem is; love spells are the answer. More specifically; love spells by professional spell caster Aisha Haadi. She is the foremost authority on Egyptian witchcraft (also known as pharaonic magic). This extremely gifted lady has 41 years of experience in her field; and managed to help hundreds of thousands of people along the way. Armed with positive energy, compassion and empathy, she is ready to cast spells and bring guidance to anyone who requests it.

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