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One of the most well known witches and spellcasters that you can find on the web is Aisha Haadi. Her website www.egyptian-witchcraft.com says it all. She is a very experienced witch who specializes in love and success spells.

Aisha Haadi's philosophy is “helping people help themselves”. When you are down and you are about to lose hope that your life will take a turn for the better, you should not just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, you have to be proactive!

So her spells will help you do that. You get a talisman to wear to make you feel more positive from the moment that you receive it. And you have to do some meditation and perform rituals to ensure you get what you want. Aisha Haadi guarantees that she will personally deal with you and your problem to cast a spell that can help you out.

First timers can get a free consultation through her website as well to find out which spell suits your particular needs. Spells she offers are: Isis spell, Power Ritual Combo, and Amun Ra ritual. To strengthen any spell you can order a reinforcement spell also.

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  • No matter what the problem is; love spells are the answer. More specifically; love spells by professional spell caster Aisha Haadi. She is the foremost authority on Egyptian witchcraft (also known as pharaonic magic). This extremely gifted lady has 41 years of experience in her field; and managed to help hundreds of thousands of people along the way. Armed with positive energy, compassion and empathy, she is ready to cast spells and bring guidance to anyone who requests it.

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  • Aisha Haadi is a truly remarkable woman. Having practiced magic for the past 41 years she has transformed the lives of thousands of people who have been touched by her spells. She practices the ancient craft of White magic and is a witch that can give and those around you the peace of mind that you crave. Many times in today’s world we feel insecure and worried about things that are not right in our lives. Although physically we are clean, most of us are in a mess spiritually. At times like this sometimes we need a powerful source to clean our spirits and rejuvenate us.

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  • I just wanted to leave a message that will hopefully lift spirits of the emotionally drained. Ive tried many other people that have claimed to be able to cast spells and do anything. They guarantee to be able to fix whatever situation you need help with but the only thing they are capable of is preying on the heartbroken who are desperatly seeking help and taking their money and they left me a little bit more in dispair and with a little less hope of being happy each time. I will admit at first I was skepital after all the heartache I had gone through with other spellcasters but I decided to give Aisha Haadi a try anyway. Although Im still waiting on results, I will gladly say that since the spell was cast for me I have been filled with great positivity and a sense of well being and deep down in my heart and soul I can feel that it will only be a matter of time until I get my results. There still are some days that negativity tries to creep back in but almost instantly its washed away and replaced with a peaceful, calm 'everything is going to be ok and work out just fine for me' feeling. Its something Ive never felt before with anyone else. Its such a beautiful feeling to have so much happiness and love inside and to be able to feel someone working on your side. To the brokenhearted I will tell you that this is the real thing and you will not find anyone better then Ms Aisha Haadi. Thanks so much!

  • If you doubt your ability to really have any luck on this site, let me tell you—it’s not luck!! It’s Aisha Haadi!! Since I had Aisha perform a love spell for me, my boyfriend has stopped flirting with other women and has paid more attention to me and made me feel like he really does want our relationship to work. I went from miserable and feeling like my relationship was doomed to suspecting that he might be getting ready to ask me to marry him!! Thank you Aisha Haadi. You are the best spellcaster!!! My boyfriend is so much better with me since your love spell. I can’t wait to ask you to perform a money spell for me. I am sure it will be just as successful. Thank you for everything!!
  • If you need facilitating assistance then Aisha is the finest person to help in any way. This is the most excellent web site on the internet. I truly recommend Aisha Haadi for any needs you have respectful of size or importance. I believe Aisha to be one of the greatest spellcaster and spiritual worker of this time. She has a great deal of respect worldwide. She Has worked with the famous and has known to consort in royal circles. I believe that her skills and passion for giving the unadulterated authentice article is tantamount to the absolute supreme. Her indistinguishable air and grace with spirit are hand in hand with a heavenly mixture of opulence and providence, satisfying many people from all occupations with her star filled grace. A naturally gifted and exceptional talent harnessed well and ready to serve humanity. Aisha Haadi Marat Elfajer Je t'enlève mon chapeau (I take my hat off to you.) I speak for many people when I express my gratitude to you for all the courage you have given and all the healing and all the spells and work which is secret,. For all the hope, compassion, caring, and sensitivity.
  • Aisha Haadi is a very confident practitioner of witchcraft and spell casting. Her SPELLS work and (money, love, white magic - for all things) is absolutely genuine and very powerful. Her knowledge is remarkable and her work is incredible. She is caring, sensitive, charismatic and wonderfully lucid in her feedback. She is highly intelligent and has many fascinating insights to share to those who ask of her. Her ability to help with human perception for instance will help you through with traditional ways of viewing reality and guidance within the structural framework of self  healing. Aisha Haadi works love spells magic, money spells magic, magic spell casting, and weaves her spells to make it all more potent. Guaranteed results every time. She can help you rebirth the holistic you in an entirely different time line. Making you a wholesome person: reuniting self with self. She endeavours to help you move on all negativity in your life starting with you and ending with whatever needs to go. Alternatively, she can do a simple spell to help in any occasion.
    Ask Aisha Haadi she will be more than happy to assist in any way she can be capable of. KEEP UP THE  GOOD WORK

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  • My miseries were like you would not believe. I was deeply hurt and left for another woman by my boyfriend and could not find the strength to go on. Luckily a friend told me about Aisha and her powers. I thought, “Sure, I’ll give anything a try,” but didn’t have a lot of hope because I’ve been so down. Then, after doing everything the Lady asked, I waited and still nothing, for about two weeks. Then, on Saturday, my boyfriend decided to return to me and sparks just flew. Now we are in love! Thanks to Ms. Aisha Haadi I never have to worry about love again!! All my love to her.

  • When I needed help the most Aisha Haadi was there and she picked up the pieces and fixed my life. I ordered the Amun Ra Ritual love spell to be reuinted with my estranged husband. It was the most horrible time in my life. Aisha Haadi was there for me and she cared like a mother, she fixed my situation and only 3 days after I received the Talisman from the Amun Ra Ritual Joe (my husband) returned to me. They way he returned to me was truly spiritual and magical. Don't be scared of spells. Aisha is a true spell caster that will not give up on you until you have received all your results. She is now doing other spells for me and I would never want to work with anyone else but Aisha Haadi. She is the best, the creme de la creme!

  • I don't know what future holds for me. The only thing I want from GOD and fate is the girl I love. I tried so many spells none worked. I consulted ms. Aisha Haadi and told her my painful story she said my problem is somewhat difficult which I agree with only thing I think its the most difficult problem. Me and the girl I love are from 2 different religions and because of that I think we aren't together. I ordered AMUN RA love spell as suggested by ms. Aisha Haadi on 2/4/08 and sent my stuff in. Now I'm just waiting to hear from ms. Aisha I'm not a patient person I want results fast because I love that girl more than my own life. I've been so stressed since she left. But let's see what my future is whether with her or without her. I can only hope for the best. And hear from ms. Aisha with a GOOD news. Thanks everyone and specially ms. Aisha n miriam

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Testimonials egyptian witchcraft spells

  • I can’t even begin to describe how fortunate I feel now that I know about your website and about Aisha’s powers. I had to write to tell you about my experience.

    I moved into what I thought would be my “dream home” last year, but there was something up in that place, and it didn’t take me or my family long to find out. We heard banging noises at night and when we’d get up, nothing was amiss. We’d come home to a complete wreck in the living room when we knew we’d left it tidy. I began to get really intense headaches in a certain area of the house, and my daughter heard a kind of thumping in her walls at times. We called a priest to bless the house, and it helped, but not for long.

    Then I came across Aisha’s website and received a Talisman which was charged with energy to ward off whatever was in that house. Well, when I completed the circle of magic she had started, and followed the instructions, the spell WORKED when nothing else we tried did. Thankfully now we can rest at night and declare this our “dream home” once again!

  • It was such as pleasure working with Aisha Haadi! Her kindness and generosity are unmatched, and her unique skills in magic spells are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I knew she would make me feel better the moment I made contact through her website. I could just tell, because I’m a bit psychic myself. Anyway, I was going to be traveling to Portugal on a mission, and I felt I needed some extra protection to ward off bad luck, bad health and thieves, things like that. So she sent me a special protection spell Talisman that I started wearing and I even went on my mission with it. Everyone just said it was beautiful jewelry, because they didn’t know. I had a wonderful trip, made many friends, and all was well. You kept me safe, Ms. Aisha. God Bless. Andrea.
  • Aisha Haadi is not Toby the Blogger - The Love Spells Scams try to blame Aisha for it to deceive their customers even further. Shame on you!
  • I have had many love spells cast from Aisha Haadi over the years mostly about a stubborn guy who I did love for several years. They all worked but we eventually parted our separate ways we both realised in time that we were incompatible. I have had money spells, and  luck spells,  beauty spells, weight loss spells, magic friendship spells and several Talismans. Many love spells being the best. I guess I amaddicted to love spells or addicted to love and the feeling it gives me. I have never gone too far with it all though its only light and beautiful. I have never wanted to make someone love just because I can I feel that would be wrong. If someone is interested in me and I them too. There is no harm in a littler gentle persuasive magic to help us on our way. I mean we are going to get on with it anyway. I am just making love and loving it sweeter.I want to take this occasion to really thank you from my heart for all the work we have done together dear friend and confidante and blessed beautiful person that you are. You are so gifted .
  • Hi all.  I have just found this fantastic website. I have been searching for a while now to find the right person who I can ask for help.  I probably think it was something to do with timing. I believe in synchronicity and everything at the right time.I have finally found you Ms. Aisha Haadi. Hurray. I feel confident to say from the start that I feel It is right my contacting you.  I am looking forward to hearing back from you. I have sent my reuniting love spell and beauty spell requests via this web site, shipped off the materials and now awaiting the results. I know they will happen the same way they happend when I ordered the power money spell amun ra ritual that changed my life. After doing extensive reading within your site for the past few months now I feel more confident then ever about the help you can give me and your abilities to do some white magic spells for me.

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  • Wow...is all I can say. I was just wondering around the site and thought I'd check to see if my message was posted...it was. (message was writted August 5th 2007) It brought tears to my eyes to read what I had written. But I'm writing again to further update you! Just to prove the power of Ms Aisha!

    Aisha Haadi was a huge help to me in the first few weeks..I'd email her and let her know what was going on and she would email back saying she's right on it!! I knew I loved him dearly but he wasnt acting super sweet etc to me. Sometimes left me hurt. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt. We were only together for about a month. He had gotten his papers less then a month later saying he could officially leave the service September 6th. One problem he had was he owed 400 to his old apartment. If he couldnt pay it..it would take him till the end of the month. Determined to have him home sooner..when he's suppose to...I gave him two weeks of my paychecks...Once again I ignored my bills for him. The day he was suppose to be home...Just six hours before he'd be in our hometown and in my arms...he breaks up with me. Still wanting to be my friend and see where things go...I was by far hurt and crushed and couldnt figure out why this was happening when Aisha Haadi worked so hard to bring him back.

    I contacted aisha and miriam right away...I was by far a mess...worse then I have ever been! He was still somewhat talking to me...but not like I had hoped..but I wasnt sure what to expect either! Aisha emailed me back saying she's helping me out with some things, I had also did a reinforcement and was planning for another amun ra. In the back of my mind I had this fear and a joke to myself that as soon as I gave her the money etc for another amun ra..he'd be back. He had been contacting me every so often sometimes on his own..but it didnt really start until....three weeks after he broke up wiht me.

    It started on September 25th.. He had called me around 5ish..and left me a voicemail message...It was my little sisters birthday so I didnt quite have the phone attached to me like normal. I was shocked it was him that called...and even more so that he left me a message...he's only ever done that twice! He wanted to know what I was up too etc...I text him..leaving him to do most of the talking. He was still at work and when he got off and gets home he'd text me. By 9ish I was like he's not going to text...and started to fall asleep...945..he texts me...we talked until 130 in the morning. That whole week he'd text me at night. Some of the things he wanted and said I knew he still wanted me..just couldnt figure out why he wasnt stepping up. Friday he text me alllllllll day long. By the time I was to leave for work he wanted to do something that night...At first i assumed he didnt mean me...but i was dead wrong.

    He didnt have a car so I had to go and pick him up. I was a nervous wreck. Neither of us had money nor knew of what to do. He wanted to meet my mom and sister and know where i lived...so i took him to my house...when he got in my car he smelled of a familiar cologne...knowing fully what it was..i asked..he said the same stuff he wore in high school...the one i adored..i smiled and knew very well he still loved me! He made me laugh and joked...I loved it...at one point he pulled me to him and whispered in my ear about us getting back together. I was so busy ingrossed in what we were laughing about..I let what he said soak in..in disbelief and ignore it. All night he kept saying "us" and "we"...theres a vacant house we own next to my house and asked me why dont WE live there or rent it. I was like we? he asked what I quickly changed the conversation.

    Later that night all cuddled in his arms which felt so right...I was so comfortable I didnt want it to end...I asked him if there were ever moments you want to freeze and live them forever...i said this is one of those moments. We were quiet for a while and then he quietly asked me about the question he asked me earlier and what my answer was. I stayed quiet...then out of no where..i said yes...he said yes what...i said yes i will...he said yes you will what...both of us went quiet...and then i whispered...be with you....i looked up at him...he said okay and ran his fingers through my hair...and i swear i melted!

    Its been a week...and I'm still in shock..I still cant believe it...he's told me he doesnt want to be that man he use to be...that he use to be an a-hole. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me and enternity with me. He wants to make me happy everyday...tells me that i make his day everyday. That i'm a part of him and his son now...I've gotten to see him twice now. And friday I took the day off work and matt riley and i spent it together. Riley just adores me..and I adore him! Friday night cuddled up to him he asked me about me taking his son to daycare with me (i work in the infant room of a daycare) which shocked me...we've discussed it before and he didnt want me to be around him all day so he wouldnt get spoiled...I was floored...Course I cried..it was a happy moment..It meant a great deal to me...

    My family loves him..and everyone else I've introduced him too...My mom has met him before when we dated in HS..and liked him then...she still does..and even more now. And wants him to be around forever...But so does he! really wants to marry me...the whole nine yards...I'm still in shock and disbelief...and cant believe how the man I loved in HS...is back...he's really back...and i couldnt be anymore happier...My life seems perfect...and real...I often ask him if this is real...its just such a fairy tale...he tells me its as real as it can get...I love him and his son so much!!!

    Thank you Aisha Haadi...and Miriam!!! I know I was a pain in the you know what when he broke up with me this last time...But it was almost worth it...when he came back...it was how it was suppose to be...no amount of thank yous could get across and show just how thankful I am to you!!!