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Aisha Haadi Scam Blog

It is wonderful to see how many things Aisha Haadi can be connected with at the same time. She is the most genuine and trusted Egyptian witch in the world today and there are hundreds of people everyday who want to experience her in their lives. She also provides a lot of insight to other people about what Egyptian witchcraft is, even to the point of imparting an education. She writes whenever she has the time. She practices elaborate rituals and casts spells almost each day in order to help the people who have approached her. But, even after all this, she maintains a blog which she keeps updated in a very regular fashion.

Why Does Aisha Haadi Maintain a Blog?

Many people have asked Aisha Haadi why she needs a blog at all, especially after she has a very successful website through which she can reach out to her followers. Aisha Haadi operates two blogs, theLove Spells Blog to teach and educate about love spells and egyptian magic and the other one is her Aisha Haadi Scam Blog. However, she has her reasons. If you read the blog, you will understand that as well.

This is not an ordinary blog. It is a blog where Aisha Haadi unmasks the criminals of the spell casting industry. She has always been distressed by the fact that the fair name of Egyptian witchcraft and her own name have always been sullied by some scam operators on the Internet. These people generally have no knowledge of witchcraft at all and they are all in it just because of monitary reasons. They are fooling credulous people by giving them false hope. Aisha Haadi cannot suffer to see all of this. She cannot see the name of her special talent being tarnished in this manner. And that is the reason she has this blog.

The Aisha Haadi scam blog is a place where she reveals all these scam operators on the Internet. She tells people to be wary of such nefarious elements. She doesn’t flinch from taking their names and telling people who they should be aware of.

Psychic Dena Scam

Recently, Aisha Haadi unmasked the Psychic Dena Scamwebsite. She said how there was no Psychic Dena at all. These people have been pulling the wool over people’s eyes for a long time now and fooling them in the name of the fictitious Psychic Dena. This is what Aisha Haadi has exposed on her scam blog. But this is just one example.

She has exposed a string of websites on her blog. Some of these include very popular websites that are operated by the same culprits.

She also sets the record straight that Aisha Haadi is not Toby the Blogger and has no affilation with the Aisha Haadi Review on his Blog.

Aisha Haadi doesn’t fear anything. She does not mind calling a spade a spade. Her mission, which was given to her by her mother, was that she had to keep the tradition of Egyptian witchcraft alive at any cost. For the last 40 years now, Aisha Haadi has been doing that. With her work, she has attained a special place among the Egyptian gods and goddesses, whom she knows how to summon when she needs them and then ask them to do their bidding. It is not an easy life, and to top it all, there are various scammers and con artists who are trying to earn a fast buck, not minding how they are playing with the beliefs of other people and whom they are hurting in the process.

However, Aisha Haadi has always been a woman with a mission. She is just as brave as she is kind and compassionate. And she sees the larger good. For the good of her people, she has taken it upon herself to use her blog as a tool for revealing the dirty dark secrets of the commercial aspects of the spiritual world.


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