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If you have ever searched the web looking for information on love spells or other types of magic; you might have come across Aisha Haadi’s website; www.egyptian-witchcraft.comShe is the foremost authority when it comes to professional spell casting online. Being very gifted and talented and having extensive experience in spell casting for the past 41 years, she clearly surpasses many others in her field of Egyptian witchcraft. Having lived in various countries and also traveled extensively thanks to her gift, she has managed to bring a smile to many a face!

After her birth in 1947, in a small village near Giza, Egypt, she grew up to notice special talents which allowed her to learn the very mysterious and ancient art of Egyptian witchcraft. Aisha Haadi has lived in practically every continent, bringing happiness wherever she went. People came and still come to her for spiritual guidance and spell casting concerning many different problems they face in life. Most people come because they are in one way or the other unhappy with their love lives. Others desire more success in their jobs or more money to spend. Yes, magic spells can fix even the trickiest of financial trouble or debt; if you just believe in it.

The spells she casts are dedicated to three important gods of ancient Egypt; Isis, the queen of Heaven, Osiris; the god of Duat, and Horus; the lord of things to come. All of the rituals involve some powerful herbs as they were used in ancient Egypt already, and some personal belongings of the person who requests for the spell. For Aisha’s spells; mostly the client will have to send a handwritten letter, a few hairs and other items.

As can be seen in the numerous positive accounts of her past and present clients, a positive change can soon be noticed after the spell has been cast! At first the client experiences a change in attitude or feeling; that things will change for the better. Then within weeks or days (depending on the spell), their life changes for the better, and the problem they wanted to solve with the spell, starts to fade away.

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  • Just like all of you, I too am heart-broken and came to Ms. Aisha with some serious problems. Ms. Aisha is truly a spiritual leader and a gift to all of us from God. I just want to thank her for all her help, love, support and guidance, and to let all of you know you have come to a magical place, where there is real help and hope. She never abandons you or ignores you, even if she doesn't respond to you right away, she will get back to you, be patient. Remember, you are not the only one she is taking care of, there are many sad souls like you and me out there. Please don't give up, you will make it, if you only have patience (yes, I know it's hard, I've been there and still am there!), and remain positive. Whatever you do, please remain positive, and don't let the darkness win. You CAN make it, and you CAN get what you want, be strong, be positive and keep working toward your goals/wishes. I hope all of you get your heart's true desire. And I wish the same for myself. Amen! Blessings to all of you! And Ms. Aisha, thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything you have done for me and are still doing. God Bless You!!! I am forever in your debt!
  • This is a brilliant site. Full of good spells good and honest white magic I will definitely recommend the money spells to every one ( I am going to tell everyone about you Ms. Aisha Haadi) I could not believe the quantity of luck that madam Aisha put into my life with her Spells and Talismans I believe I have never felt so well in my life either so whatever she has done has she has worked wonders in all senses I had a bad back up until I met her but now its gone and I did not even ask for help with it I believe her gift is given by god and she is blessed to have the saints and healing on her side. I consider myself to be a lucky person to have met her and her helpers. She is gentle and kind. Thank you Aisha.
  • Its taken me two weeks to write something in here. I've posted before...But I wanted to wait and make sure it was real. It is. I'm still in shock of it all. I'm so happy and excited. And everyday more and more things unfold. Whats amazing is that he's still himself. Everything he says and does is still the same old guy I love, and loved back in HS. I have to admit. Aisha saved two lives. My sweetheart is currently listed in the service, and also has a baby by his ex wife. Whom she didnt want at all and tried to get rid of desperately. Aisha saved my man from the war and the son that his mom didnt want. Instead of not able to see him for two years if he made it alive. It'll be in a few short months. This holiday season I will have my dreams come true as a child who use to watch little mermaid and cinderella. I'll have my man wrapped around me and his son who I adore and love with us. It'll be the best holiday season ever in my life! Only one person made that happen! I've worked with Aisha for a few years now. The first one I decided to move on. The second helped show who the man really was...and what he really wasnt. When "he" came back into my life I knew it was fate and maybe Aisha helped it out somehow. I knew back in high school he and I would end up together. And we actually did. Although certain circumstances had gotten in the way. Aisha helped clear those out. They are no longer a problem for either of us. And we cannot wait to start our lives together as a big happy family the way it should be. Words cannot express how happy and wonderful things are. And maybe because I'm still in shock and filled with giddiness. At first I doubted it...Something happened that made me think it wasnt working. Aisha emailed me back and told me I'd be very happy. One day at work I decided to text him...and little did I know that text message hi...would turn into all thats happened since then. Wow...Little did I think my case would have fast results as well. Less than twenty four hours...I was in heaven! I will keep everyone posted on how things go. Whomever is reading this. I've been where you are...and I've sat at my computer for hours reading these messages over and over. Some I've read so many times I know them by heart. I even read them on my cell phone. Beings I know how much of these messages have helped me. I'm posting my message so that it can help comfort someone else. And thank you to all of those of you who have posted and I've read (more than once)'ve comforted me....
  • I am writing to confirm that I received the Talisman sent from Aisha. I am completely fascinated with how this is already seeming to work in my life! When I just hold it in my hands and close my eyes, I can feel my senses lighten and my stress levels lift. I really believe in this kind of thing and have all my life, and though there are definitely some charlatans out there, this is one thing, along with Aisha Haadi herself, that I have come across in which I place my absolute faith. There is true power in positive thinking, as I have always known, but it always helps to have a little “nudge” along the way, and this lovely Talisman is clearing my negative energy away and making room for all the love I have to give to HIM. I am so pleased to have found your website. I read everything in it, and I’m already beginning to experience the magic created within the circle. Thank you!
  • It is real. Things came out in the unexpected way...the spell si very powerful, it works. When you have the spell done, watch out for the signs, it is very importatn, and react to the signs that the spell sets for you. Spell is there to HELP you help yourself, it will not make actions for you, YOU have to take actions and steps, and they are very important. Listen to your heart, watch out for signs and be positive. Things will happen. Be assured. Only when things will be over, results granted, then you will look back and realize how everything was set for you, although at that time you didn't realize it. Just be acceptable. It IS magic, in one moment you will start feeling you are in a magic, it is so wonderful feeling, enjoy it!!!
  • I wanted to share my story and give support and encouragement to all the sweet people out there who are in a similar predicament as me.
    Ms. Aisha Haadi is a wonderful, kind, generous and powerful person, and truly a gift from God! She and her daughter Miriam have been very kind and patient with me, and always answer my emails and give me the support I need to continue holding on. I can not tell you about my story or spell yet, since it is still not completely resolved, and still unfolding. I just want to say, please don't give up hope and keep positive, things will get better, and you will get your heart's true desire. My case is extremely tough, and I have had to have several spells done, but they are working! Ms. Aisha, is always there for me and for you. She is one of God's workers, here to help us, and for that, we are all very thankful! God Bless Ms. Aisha and her family and all you kind souls out there, sharing your positive energy with us. I hope and pray all of us get our loved ones back soon! AMEN!

Aisha Haadi is the most trusted, authentic, caring and genuine spellcaster you will have the pleasure of working with

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The most trusted, authentic, caring and genuine spellcaster you will have the pleasure of working with

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The most trusted, authentic, caring and genuine spellcaster you will have the pleasure of working with